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hack Verizon Wireless Cell Phone

Verizon Wireless Cellphone Service Menu
So, you want to hack your Verizon Wireless phone? Well, you are reading the right article. Before you hack your phone, I have to warn you. If you change all the settings, you could totally mess up your phone. Also, this hack may not work with all Verizon phones, only some newer kinds, like most LG phones and some Samsungs. 

Part 1 
The first step is to turn on your phone(duh). You phone should have a button or something on the screen that will say "Menu". Select or press that to go to the menu. 

Part 2 
Now this is the hack part. If this doesn't work, your phone can't hack. Press 0 on your keypad. If it works, there should be a pop-up or screen that says something like "password" or "service code". Don't worry. You don't have to figure out a big long password, or a password at all. Just type in all 0's that turn into stars or dots(so people can't read the password). If it worked, you should be in a menu that is titled "Services". If it something else, it probably is the same thing. And sometimes hacking your phone will reset(not the data, but the power). 

Part 3 
Now you can do pretty much anything with your phone. No, you can't get free service or anything though. You can select the following: 

  • Service Prg.
    Shows your "ESN". Who knows what that is! It is just a number. 
  • Field Tests
    A menu that you can view how many errors your phone has made and a screen that shows all your signal and performance data. 
  • Force Mode
    A selection thing. Don't change or your phone won't work! 
  • Force Call 
    A selection thing similar to the above one. Again, don't change! 
  • Data 
    Another selection thing that changes how you receive you data. Like always, don't change! 
  • SMS
    All the settings for text messaging. Some things I have no idea what they are! 
  • H/W Test 
    Some unknown thing. 
  • FCC Test
    Something that is what type of calls you make(CDMA or PCS) 
  • WAP Setting
    Another unknown setting. 
  • Get It Now settings
    The settings for downloading games and junk. 
Your choices may vary depending on you phone type and brand! If you work for a phone company, you probably know what all this is! Thanks for reading the Hacking Your Verizon Wireless Phone Tutorial!

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